2nd Vienna Conference on Pluralism in Economics
Date: 15-16 April 2019
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Among the social sciences, economics is in a dominant position. Economic approaches and indicators are overrepresented in the public discourse on societal, political, or environmental phenomena. Other social sciences often struggle to get their voices heard although their perspectives are valuable complements to conventional economic analysis. At the same time, a rather narrow conception of what constitutes economics leads to a neglect of many schools of economic thought that have existed throughout history and still exist today. This reduces the potential for a holistic understanding of and adequate solutions to real world Problems.

Therefore, the objective of this conference is twofold. First, it shall contribute to an understanding of contemporary challenges from a broader social science perspective. Second, it aims at highlighting various schools of economic thought, their core concepts and approaches, and how they can contribute to a better understanding of our complex reality. We explicitly encourage contributions from all social sciences, including economics, as well as inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.

The following topics will be at the core of the conference:
● Addressing contemporary socio-economic challenges from a pluralist as well as trans- and interdisciplinary perspective
● Philosophy of science & methodology in economics and other social sciences
● Teaching economics and related disciplines in a pluralist understanding


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