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Call for Participants
WU, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Date: 10-12 April 2015

The demand for more pluralism in economics stems from the belief that the contemporary economic discourse is unable to provide suitable answers for and solutions to the various, multi-dimensional problems we are facing today, the beginning of the 21st century. Where individual economic theories fail, pluralism in economics can capture and depict the com-plexity of economic phenomena and their embeddedness into social, political and historical systems. Communication between different schools of economic thought and perspectives, can help to shed light on unsolved real world (economic) issues and will avoid bias and in-tellectual stagnation. For this purpose, neglected but critical economic perspectives need to be given a platform. With this in mind, the Vienna Society for Pluralistic Economics is pleased to announce it will be hosting the
1st Vienna Conference on Pluralism in Economics:

The following topics will be at the core of the conference:
● Living with our natural surroundings
● The role of labor in the 21st century
● Redistributing wealth & power
● Financial markets and the role of money
● Methodology of pluralist economics
● Teaching of pluralist economics
● Special Sessions on Political Economy of the Media, Pluralism in Ecological Economics, Feminist Economics and a Live-Online Session from the OECD in Paris in cooperation with the Young Scholar Initiative (YSI)

Keynote speakers include Ioana Negru, Senior Lecturer at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London). Pasquale Tridico, Professor in European Economic Integration at the University Roma Tre and General Secretary of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE). Engelbert Stockhammer, Professor of Economics at the Univer-sity of Kingston, London. Dr Negru has published articles on philosophy and methodology in eco-nomics, with a special focus on pluralism, as well as economics of gift and philanthropy and insti-tutional economics. Prof Tridico’s research focuses on Labor Economics and Welfare Systems, Varieties of Capitalism, the Financial Crisis and global governance. Research areas of Prof Stock-hammer include macroeconomics, applied econometrics, financial systems and heterodox eco-nomics.
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